JMRN Symposium 2019: Gender and Sexuality in/around Judaism and Islam

Seminar 1: Breaking the Mnemonic Silence: Novelistic and Cinematographic Returns of Jewish-Muslim Intimacy in Morocco

Seminar 2: Subcontracting Guilt: Holocaust Memory, Culture and Immigrant Integration in Germany

Seminar 3: Islam and the Diversity of Gender and Sexuality

Seminar 4: A French Jewish-Muslim Panorama: Initiatives, Euphemisms and Elisions…

– Seminar 5: “The Shīʿa are the Jews of Our Umma”: Rethinking Alterity in Medieval Islam

JMRN/CJS Panel and Plenary 2020: Jewish Studies and Jewish Identities in Comparative Perspective

JMRN Conference 2020: Beyond ‘Jewish-Muslim Relations’