Currently based at the University of Manchester, the Jewish-Muslim Research Network (JMRN) is an interdisciplinary and international initiative bringing together researchers studying Jews, Muslims, Judaism, and Islam in any time period and region. JMRN aims to be a collaborative forum for scholars working on any aspect of the above topics. By taking a broad definition of the above terms, JMRN hopes to facilitate productive discussion on a wide range of topics regarding Jews, Muslims, and their relations/interactions.

The network stems from developments in a number of fields. In Middle East Studies, there has been a huge growth of interest over the last two decades in Jews living in Muslim-majority societies, generating a rich and vibrant body of scholarship. Meanwhile, there is a growing body of research on the interactions and relations between Jewish and Muslim minorities in Europe in the fields of anthropology, sociology, political science, history, and cultural studies.

This research is important, especially given contemporary polemics and politics around presumably tense Jewish-Muslim relations. Yet, scholars working in these different fields do not always come into contact, despite the clear overlap in interest and potential for fruitful exchange of ideas. We envision the JMRN as a forum for scholars from across disciplines to connect and share ideas, to support emerging research, and to raise the profile of existing scholarship in the UK and beyond.